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Middle School 6-8

Preparing for the Future

At La Salle Academy, our middle school program for grades 6-8 provides a robust and faith-centered education designed to prepare students for high school and beyond. Students deepen their Catholic faith through advanced studies in prayer, Bible teachings, sacramental understanding, and Catholic social teachings. Academically, they engage in a rigorous curriculum that includes advanced language arts, pre-algebra and algebra, comprehensive science courses, and detailed studies in world and American history, geography, and civics. Enrichment activities in art, music, physical education, technology, and library skills promote a well-rounded education. With the support of specialized subject teachers and a structured yet nurturing environment, students develop critical thinking, leadership, and moral decision-making skills, ensuring they are well-equipped for future academic and personal success. The students in the middle school are offered a variety of curricular and extra curricular activities through Berks Catholic. 


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