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Cherished Traditions at La Salle Catholic School

At La Salle Catholic School, we cherish a rich tapestry of traditions that have grown and flourished over the years. These special events hold a significant place in our hearts, and our students eagerly anticipate them each year!



3rd Grade: All Saints Day

On November 1st, our 3rd-grade students honor the saints by dressing up as their favorite saint and introducing them to the entire school community. This celebration not only educates but also inspires our young learners with the lives of these holy figures.






4th Grade: Nativity Play

In the spirit of Christmas, our 4th-grade students present a heartfelt Nativity play each year. This special performance allows us to pause and reflect on the true meaning of the season, amidst the holiday bustle.






8th Grade: Living Stations

Our 8th-grade class annually presents the Living Stations of the Cross. This moving portrayal of the Passion of Christ deeply resonates with our faith community, bringing the story of Christ’s suffering and love to life.




At La Salle Catholic School, these traditions are more than events; they are integral to our mission of nurturing faith, knowledge, and community in our students.